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Connecting learning with things that are familiar to students is a way to engage them in their learning. When teachers show knowledge of and respect for the cultures of ESL students, they are often surprised and excited. If teachers can incorporate ideas, materials, or concepts that ESL students connect with, learning often becomes richer and more personalized. Whether it's integrating texts or stories from their home cultures or encouraging students to use pictures or images from their countries in projects they do, this personalization of learning can make curriculum more relevant to students.

Schools in Hawaii have many students whose families are from the region of Micronesia. Below are some websites with information on Micronesia and resources that can be used with Micronesian students.


Maps and Information About Micronesian Islands

Maps and Information about Micronesian Islands
The term "Micronesia" refers to a region of the Pacific. Included in this designation are several independent nations such as the Federated States of Micronesia (made up of the four island states of Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, and Yap), the Republic of Palau, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands are also part of the Micronesian region.

Teaching Educators About Micronesian Students (TEAMS)

Teaching Educators About Micronesian Students (TEAMS)
This website contains several resources for educators working in schools with Pacific island students who have left their home islands. The website provides an overview of the islands and suggestions for teachers. Teach ReSPCT (Cultural Profiles) contains cultural information about the islands from which these students moved. Hawaii Connections contains information about resources in Hawaii for Pacific Islanders. The Multicultural Education Resources section has articles and resources for the multicultural classroom. The Pacific Service Region section contains facts on each U.S.-affiliated island's culture, educational system, and government with links to related websites.

Books with Cultural Stories and Drama Strategies

Books with Cultural Stories and Drama Strategies

Marshall Islands Legends and Stories by Daniel A. Kelin, II
Bess Press, 2003
Pacific Island Legends by Beret E. Strong, William Flood, and Nancy Flood 
Bess Press, 1999
To Feel as Our Ancestors Did: Collecting and Performing Oral Histories by Daniel A. Kelin, II
Heinemann, 2005
Strategies for Playbuilding: Helping Groups Translate Issues into Theatre by Will Weigler
Heinemann, 2001
Children's Book Press (This publisher has several multicultural books for children.)

Island Alphabet Books

Island Alphabet Books
The Island Alphabet Books series features languages and children's artwork from the U.S.-affiliated Pacific. Each book contains the complete alphabet for the language, four or five examples for each letter, and a word list with English translations. The series is published by PREL, a nonprofit corporation that works collaboratively with school systems to enhance education across the Pacific.

Pacific Area Language Materials (PALM) Project

Pacific Area Language Materials (PALM) Project
The PALM site contains a digital archive of approximately 800 booklets that were produced by the Pacific Area Language Materials (PALM) project. The original booklets were prepared several years ago in order to record Pacific regional languages and to serve as teaching tools. One known printed copy of these materials is housed in the Pacific Collection at the University of Hawaii's Hamilton Library. This digital PALM archive makes the original booklets available once again in the Pacific islands. Included with the archive is “Putting the Mother Tongue Back into the Classroom: ESL and Bilingual Education in Micronesia,” an article by Robert E. Gibson, the PALM Project Coordinator for the original booklets.


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