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Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL) places a high priority on protecting individual rights and privacy, and in particular, the privacy of children aged 12 and younger.

PREL collects and maintains information for several reasons: to fulfill services that have been planned or requested; to maintain communications outreach with various individuals and agencies; and to conduct ongoing research into the effectiveness of new instructional strategies, techniques, and curricula.This information is contained in a number of databases including:

  • Postal and email addresses for disseminating print and electronic publications and news releases
  • Student and teacher data for use by personnel in PREL and affiliated schools and educational organizations.

Postal and Email Addresses
Individuals and organizations may request to have their postal or email addresses added or removed from PREL databases at any time for any reason. Requests should be submitted to the Director of Communications:

  • Phone: (808) 441-1300
  • Fax: (808) 441-1385
  • Mail: Communications Section, PREL, 900 Fort Street Mall, Suite 1300,
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.

PREL may provide postal and email addresses to third parties solely for the purpose of distributing publications, news releases, announcements, or other information developed by PREL and its partner agencies. At no time will PREL release to third parties—by sale, trade, or exchange—personal information for any other purpose unless documented consent has been provided, with the exception of legal processes such as subpoenas and court orders.

PREL does not require registration to use this website, and therefore does not collect any individual user information. However, PREL does collect information such as user domain name, date and time of website access, and preceding website address in order to compile aggregated website usage statistics.PREL responds to queries and requests through the email address. Statistics are compiled from these requests, but email addresses are not used further unless the requester has asked to be added to a mailing list.The PREL website contains links to other websites. PREL is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of these websites, and PREL does not assess them before making the links.PREL reserves the right to revise its privacy policy at any time by posting an electronic notice on the PREL website at you have any questions about this privacy statement or how we handle information about individuals at PREL, please contact the Director of Communications as indicated above.


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